B . S . G . L I F E I N S U R A N C E A G E N C Y
“ H E L P I N G Y O U B U Y- S E L L – G I V E L I F E I N S U R A N C E ”
1 2 4 7 E . F O X H I L L D R I V E # 1 3 8 , F R E S N O C A . 9 3 7 2 0
5 5 9 – 4 3 4 – 2 4 5 0 – A R S E N @ B S G – L I F E . C O M
C A L I S # 0 5 8 4 4 6 3

B. S. G. Represents three main areas of our service.

B-Helping people BUY the right type of life insurance policy.

Since starting in the Life Insurance profession in 1980, I have worked in all
levels. Starting as an Agent with New York Life, then General Agent for
Transamerica Life Companies and then an Executive with them for ten years.
However, the position of Independent General Agent is the best way for me to
help people Buy the kind of insurance coverage that fits them and their needs.

S-Helping people SELL life insurance policies they no longer need or want.

The concept of SELLING a life insurance policy to a third party when you are not
terminally ill was started in 1998 and is now a Three Billion Dollar a year market.
If you qualify you can SELL your life insurance policy for a value greater than the
policies surrender value. Let me show you how.

G-Helping people use life insurance to GIVE generously to charity of their choice.

From the simple idea of making charity beneficiary of a life insurance policy, to
detail financial trust drafted by attorneys, nothing allows you to leverage your
gifting dollars like life insurance. Where here to provide you with alternatives on
how you can “Give it Away and Keep It Too”.

Life Insurance is: “Protecting Those You Love From Those You Owe”

For a Free no obligation review of your current life insurance policies and how they
match your current needs, contact me at 1- 5 5 9 – 4 3 4 – 2 4 5 0 or E-mail at
Where here to help.

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