What Is A SOOB ?


When asked about the name. “Papa Soob”, People always ask what is a SOOB?
It is and acronym for a way of life. It is also name of my company SOOB Enterprises,
The next question is, How do I become, “A SOOB?” or can anyone become a SOOB?
The answer is yes you can. In fact I have shared designation with several close friends
who have demonstrated the qualities of “A SOOB.”
It is what has leaded me to develop a way for anyone who could attest to the following
criteria to become “A SOOB”. This can be in either personal or professional life or both.

1. S. “Success on daily bases”.
In order to practice this you need to follow the definition of Success; “ Success is
the daily progression toward pre determined worthwhile goal.” Your goal needs to
be thought out and all goals integrated so all aspects of your life are working
together. They need to be worthwhile or a benefit to you and / or others. Next is
having a written plan of action to accomplish these goals. The key is the daily
progression toward these goals. Do something each day that moves you in the
right direction.

2. O. “Optimism as philosophy of life”.
How do you perceive and conduct your daily life events? Do you look for the
good in hard times, positive solutions to difficult problems? When you walk in a
room do you see more of what’s there or what’s missing? The seeds of
opportunity are offended sowed in adversity and failure; you need to look for
them. More Millionaires were made during the depression of 1929 than any other
time in history to that point.

3. O. “Over Deliver in every task.”
Do more than is what is expected of you in every activity, which you are engaged.
At work, at home, in volunteer setting, providing a service always look for ways
to add to or improve situation you are in. Have attitude of doing what needs to be
done not I am not paid to do that. People who have this overachieve mindset will
always be in

4. B. “Belief in the GOD of Universe.”
This is what gives you a compass in life. It is your World View. Where you stand
on this issue will determine how you do the other parts of SOOB. Your Goals, philosophy, attitude toward work and others. Without the “B’ all you have is
“SOO”, which is nothing but a question looking for an answer.

Official request form to become “A SOOB”
 What is A SOOB?
If you believe you have qualities listed in, “What is A SOOB” and would like to be
one. Simple complete this form with brief description of how your life meets the
above criteria.
Here is guideline to help prepare your request
1. Goals set and daily progress being made to accomplish them.
2. What situation have you used an optimistic outlook to get you through tuff times?
3. A situation where you went the extra step beyond what was required.
4. What is the World View that drives your life? Do you have belief in system
beyond you’re own power that guides your decisions and behavior?
I ————————————-certify that I meet all the stated criteria to be “A SOOB”
and request permission to identify myself as “A SOOB.” This also entitles me to (1).
Receive information and support from Papa Soob on my ongoing projects. (2). Receive
free one-year subscription to, “Papa SOOB Says Publication.” (3).Receive special
discounts on all items produced and published by Soob Enterprises, LLC for as long as I
am “A SOOB” in good standing.
———————————————– Date————————
Signature Send request to Papa SOOB at MRSOOB@ATT.NET with the subject line,
”I want to be “A SOOB.”

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