Are You A SOOB ?

S.O.O.B. Enterprises, LLC

To see if you qualify to be a SOOB answer the following questions and
send answers to Papa Soob, at address listed below.

1. What specific Goals have you set and what are the activities you do
on daily bases that move you toward these goals.

2. Name a time or times when you used an OPTIMISTIC outlook to get
you through tuf times. When did you take,” can do attitude” when
others wanted to give up?

3. List things you do above and beyond what is required for task or
activity you are involved in. How did it make a diference for you or
the others involved?

4. What is the “World View” that gives you direction to know right
from wrong when making decisions that afect your life and the
lives of those your life touches?

( ) Please send my SOOB designation to me at following address
( ) Please contact me for follow up session with my organization.
( ) Please notify me when your Books get released.


ORGANIZATION ———————————————————-

POSITION OR TITLE——————————————————-



PHONES ————————————————————–

Thank you for your interest in the SOOB Method of life. Your comments,
questions or suggestions are always welcomed.
Arsen S. Marsoobian (Papa SOOB)
1247 E. Foxhill Drive # 138, Fresno, CA. 93720
© Arsen S. Marsoobian

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